NCL, The missing bond.

All together towards a sustainable society


NISEN CO-LABS is a non-profit Association constituted of Senegalese and Japanese business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals living in Japan and in Senegal.

Uniting the diverse skillsets, knowledge, experiences and networks of its members, NISEN CO-LABS aims to be a support system that will not only strengthen the friendly relationship between Japan and Senegal, but also   contribute effectively the efforts of both Japan and Senegal to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, through its platforms, NISEN CO-LABS will also promote Pan-Africanism while fostering and advocating for close cooperation between Japan and other African countries.

Credit to TONY BEVAN, Facilitator & Creative Process Designer

 The Learning Creative 


Be the Bond linking Actors Aiming for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development and Community Harmony in Japan & Senegal. 



NCL aims to facilitate partnership formation between Senegalese and Japanese stakeholders seeking to realize projects that enhance community harmony, economic development and ecological flourishing within both cultures.

To achieve our mission, NCL will focus on following points:

1- Promote Advanced applied research and industrial projects in line with sustainable development goals

2- Promote technology & information exchange between Senegal and Japan

3- Contribute to community & social development initiatives 

4- Support and promote academia-industry-informal sector collaboration in Senegal

5- Actively advocate and support close cooperation between institutions and organizations sharing our vision


Seamless remote collaboration

Establish an interactive platform for Projects and R&D collaboration, accessible anywhere and  integrating an information system for data collection/management.

Multidisciplinary and industry-oriented training system

Propose a human resource training & development system in cooperation with relevant institutions and non-profit organizations.

Volunteer network

Establish a volunteer network to help us reach different communities

Business development services 

Establish a support system for industries, academia and entrepreneurs to create or grow their business.


Dedicated and experienced Human resource

A network or professionals, Business owners, Public servants, Engineers, academics & Researchers, offering their time, resources, networks and expertise to serve the greater good.

Strategic Partners

Academia, Industry, Economic operators in the public/private & informal sectors,  public and private Institutions, all ready to work with us to succeed in our mission.

Industry-ready training system

Develop human resources having the skillset and knowledge to be productive, efficient and adaptable.

Business development & Start-up Hub

Help create new opportunities With our resources, partners and diverse sets of expertise.